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Singer/Lyricist looking for a Composer/Songwriter

POSTED ON 20 JUN, 2021
By Krizel

VIEWS: 141
EXPIRES 20 SEP, 2021

Artist, looking for

“I'm looking for a composer to create music to my lyrics. I love singing but I don't have professional experience. And I want to challenge myself more so I decided to make some music videos to post on my YouTube channel. But to be able to do that I need someone who has a gift for music. I've wrote some lyrics (I'm not sure if they're good) Also a producer to make it sound more professional or a production team to help get my music career off the ground. ”

More details

I don't have much experience but I'm very ambitious, motivated and passionate. I love writing songs. I write songs about how I feel most of the time. I've written some heartbreak songs, which I feel like most people can relate into. I recently heard about Olivia Rodrigo and I honestly love all of her songs, I want something like her genre but I'm willing to try other genres too. I would love to do a duo-partner up thing with a composer so that we can produce awesome songs. Also I'm not that bad of a singer, people who heard me sung told me I have a unique voice so I would take that as an advantage to make something unique/original. I really want to express myself more to my viewers/subscribers through my songs. Then maybe find a producer to make it sound more professional and or a production team to help get my music career off the ground. I'm interested in collaborations to also improve my knowledge.

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