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Total-Kaos on SoundCloud. I'm the one with the - in between. You can use my music to create...the ones I like the best we can make it permanent into a song , even change it if need be . I also created an hr and a half musical ..needs lyrics and a producer ,or visual artist .. I call it THEMACHINE a robotic space odyssey. Chapter 1 ..a story about an old broken down robot who found conciseness . That fell in love with another machine and can’t be loved back .so he searches the galaxy for a update for the machine to love him back ..sad robotic forbidden love story ..a musical that you can dance too ..!I would love to see it completed. Im like a digital Mozart (without the talent) haha .I’m looking forward to collaborating ..be sure to check out all my music choose the one or multiple ones you love best then create your masterpiece! ..use it to create your own versions of songs , raps or melodies ,I only ask that if you want to use it ,let me know incase someone already has it in permanent form and send it to me so I can hear it and most important , please give me props for it . I am so looking forward to meeting you and creating something so different ,unique that no one has heard before . Make beautiful chaos together! Change the game . I call my music Robo-Funk any era of music mixed with any genre then fused with electronic music .

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