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If you are interested in musical theatre, particularly the classics from Phantom to Les Miserables, and are interested in providing the musical accompaniment to pre-written lyrics with the ultimate ambition of pitching our project for production, but mostly having some fun working together - then this could be for you. I am a lyricist looking for collaborators to produce the musical score and recorded vocals (and potential musical accompaniment) for an original musical theatre piece titled ‘Masquerade’, this is a musical set in three parts, with a historical Italian setting (but entirely English lyrics) loosely based on the Borgias. It follows a young woman, Caterina, trying to find out the truth about a child who she believes was lost, but has in fact been taken by the church and his father who will become Pope. It is set in two periods of her life, from our heroine’s desperate beginnings to her victory over a corrupt dynasty of Popes. Through a combination of schemes and grit she overcomes the three comical ‘Fathers’ who are secretly pulling the strings. The musical is set to approximately 50 lyrical sections with small amounts of standard dialogue in between and is more akin to a ‘Les Miserables’ style than a ‘Hamilton’ or ‘Rent’ but I am highly flexible to working on the structure and lyrics if this was of interest. In the first instance I would be interested in producing a sample of 2-3 songs, ideally with a proper musical score and vocals with the aim of partnering with you and seeking wider commercial interest in slower time. This is a passion project rather than a full time job, so it would be ideal if you had similar interests. Please do reach out if this would be of any interest to you!

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The primary ambition of this work would be to find musicians, composers or vocalists interested in and capable of producing a recording of ‘Masquerade’, an original musical loosely inspired by the Borgias and a range of historical figures. I would then aim for us to work together to create a sample of a short section of the musical, and then look for corporate interest for our project! This is the ultimate ambition, but even getting together and recording a few of the songs for fun would be fantastic, or gaining advice and opinions from experts/experienced individuals in the field of musical theatre would be brilliant.

The styles primarily include: Solo vocals/duet, larger ensemble parts and comedic back and forth lyrics. A sample of lyrics is included below, please do reach out if you’re interested to see more or in potential collaboration!!!

Sample 1 (solo):
Through The Eyes Of A Child.

My boy... he’s called tomasso
Not gone, nor deceased he’s a prince
He’s been lost fifteen years
And I, have been unrecognisable since
But suddenly the future seems so bright
I’ve another chance to make it right…
Even if the odds are tight
I’ll risk it all for Tomasso

Through the eyes of a child, every star is a shining light...
Through the eyes of a child, the world must look so bright...
Nothing ends, nothing burns, no one lies, no one turns
It’s a story
A story I’ll write just for him

If only I could,
Show you the life
You were meant to have
Just one of the people
Would that be so bad?
There’s no place for you there
No your place is down here... tomasso
Your father left me
As you entered
But I never stopped being
Your mother

Sample 2 (Ensemble):

Here at the masquerade
Is where the games are played
It’s a grand charade
And real money is made
Throw your dice
State your price
Oh aren’t you enticed
By this masquerade?

If you all get in line
Then there’ll come the right time
If you all know your place
They’ll smile down on your face
At the masquerade!

All those drunks who swayed
All those husbands who strayed
All those looks casting shade
At the masquerade!

See the gold, it cascades
All the girls it persuades
This debaucherous cliche
Best and only masquerade!

It’s a worthy endeavour,
Monarchs courting favour
Cooks testing new flavours
At the masquerade

One night only
It’s a hell of a show
Never to be repeated
You just have to go
To masquerade!

Sample 3 (Comedy):
The Temptation

(Umberto) Fathers I’m not sure
(FN) But we’ve seen this all before
(Umberto) Yes your knowledge proceeds you
(FC) Then do as we do
....don’t pay the price only fools do
(Umberto) If that is your advice, then
I’ll take it, I’ll fight and I’ll climb and I’ll fake it
For the people I’ll make sure I make it

(All fathers together)
We’ll all be calling you father, (pub song style, and building up after each verse)
Heavenly holy father
Divine, wise and kind
What a wonderful mind
With the plan we’ve designed
You can’t fail...

(FN) Yes! We’ll all be calling you father...
(FC) Just as soon as you remove... your father
(FA) Your old mans a mope, he’s a joke of a pope
(FC) And it’s time that the man met the rope!

(Umberto) But after all I did, to welcome me back was more than I could have asked for
(FA) Dear boy we didn’t want to say, for fear we’d disobey
But the old man didn’t forgive you out of love
(FN) He wants to build a dynasty, of riches, power and cruelty - imagine Rome turned into Montebello...

(All fathers together)
There are no winners in war
There is only the rich and the poor
(FN) Come now my son,
You aren’t just anyone
(All fathers together) You have a duty,
To revel in beauty
Amongst the masters,
The saints and our lord
You are regal!
You are royal!
You are holy!

Talking style:
(Umberto) You don’t even believe in god
(FA) In this century my boy, that isn’t remotely odd,
(Umberto) You don’t have a sense for anything divine?
(FN) Not at all my friend, but that’s entirely fine,
We have an empire to oversee, you see?
And you and we,
Will be set free when the old man’s overthrown.
Imagine the good that we could do,
If we had the crown and the people had you.
(Umberto) Could we raise the poor from the gutter?
(FA) Without pause or a stutter,
(Umberto) Could we drop unfair taxes?
(FA) I wouldn’t put it past you,
(FN) But only as bishop of Rome....
(FC) Imagine the potential
(Umberto) Are you sure its essential?
(FN) Imagine the power,
(FC) You’ll grasp the hour
(Umberto) You and me, in the holy see?
(FN) Yes my boy, it’ll set us free
(Umberto) Of course there’s always the power
(FA) Live in a grand ivory tower?
(Umberto) Give the wealth back to the people?
(FN) We’ll throw it down from the steeples

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