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Lyricist with hundreds of songs all styles

POSTED ON 27 NOV, 2020
By Walter
EXPIRES 14 APR, 2021

“I'm a lyricist with hundreds of songs ; I can write any style , but my style is a mix of country , rock and blues . I've been writing for as long as I can remember and have always been good with words . Most of my songs come from my life stories ; and Lord knows I've got a lot to write about . I have also written and published a few poems , and I have a book I had published titled ( Hitchhiking With An Angel ) pub. by Author House in 04 and working on a sequels to this . Please contact me .”

More details

Like I said I've been writing for a very long time ; since the 60's as a young boy with a dream . Yes a dream that I've hung on to over all these years . through good times and bad times , happy and sad ; and of course more heart breaks along the way . All that have given me much writing material through all these years .
My style now is a sweet mix between rock , country and blues ; although I've written all styles . Yet I've never belonged to a real band , I've played along with a few along the way , and also written for a few .
I'm just looking for the right publishing company , band , or performer to share them with . I have the songs if you are serious and honest and want to give me and my songs a chance to be heard . I of course will expect a contract and fair share of the royalties . Please contact me if you want a sample ; or just to make this dream of my come to life .

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