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Lyricist Seeking Collab Lets Make Some Music

POSTED ON 12 DEC, 2020
EXPIRES 12 JUN, 2021



“Hello! My name is Katelynn. I have been writing lyrics for about ten years and I am always seeking opportunities for my work to grow by collaborating with talented musicians. While I have some voice training and know the very basics of piano and guitar, writing lyrics is my core musical strength and where my passion for all creative writing began. Go to genres include rock, pop, alternative, and relates styles. Currently seeking to collab with awesome musicians to make something great!”

More details

Songwriting is what began my journey into creative writing a long time ago, and even while I pursued other goals in writing, I've never forgotten my first love and passion for music. Now is the time to redkindle that flame, dust off my lyric notebooks, and work toward creating something amazing from that work. However, I am realistic about my abilities. My main strength is as a writer. Sure, I love all aspects of music and have always fancied myself a singer as well, dedicating a lot of time and practice into bettering my vocal capabilities. And I can carry a tune, certainly enough to work out melodies for some of my lyrics. I can read music (slowly) and know a few chords on the guitar, a few notes on the piano, as well. But I knew long ago that if I wanted to make my lyrics into something more, I'd need a partnership with better musicians than I. Words are my instrument, and for the rest, I humbly seek collaborators who can match my passion and admitedly exceed my instrumental capabilities.
My ambitions surrounding music currently are to get back into the game and make headway as an artist that I wasn't able to as a kid. I want to create music, get it out there, and find someone willing to listen. Of course, making any kind of job or career out of this love would be amazing. However, as somwhat of a realist, my first priority is the creation, the fun of it. Don't mistake me for someone not serious about music because I assuredly am. It has been a huge influence on my life. I simply want to make it a reality. Gaining more would be icing on the cake.
As a listener, my favorite genres are rock, alternative, some punk, some pop, and some metal. Juxstaposing all that, I am also a big fan of muscial theater.
As a lyricist, I still enjoy all of the above, but find myself the best at writing pop, some rock, and a hint of showtunes or Disney-esque styles. However, I am adaptable and quick to learn and experiment with storylines, structure, and melodies.

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