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POSTED ON 11 DEC, 2020
By Robyn
EXPIRES 28 FEB, 2021



“My name is Robyn. I'm looking for someone to hire me as a lyricist. I am asking for a small payment if anything is published, as my financial state is not doing well with my family. I'm 18 and am willing to share some of my work.”

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Something about you instantly made me fall
I can't help it I don't know why
I always make that call
Things that I fret
I somehow always regret
I let you in
And that was my sin
I let you try to figure me out
Yet now it feels like my heart has encountered a drought
Making me misunderstand
But never letting me land
Never letting me free
And all I ever wanted was to be me
Something about you made me crazy
Now all I want to do is be lazy
All I want to do is sit on the couch
Smoke and shoot pouch after pouch
That's what I wish I could do with all of my days
And sometimes I do it anyways
I know it is wrong
But it's been going on for so long
I don't know how to get away
Cause every time it tells me to stay
Makes me wanna do more and more
Still everyday I wonder what for
Why do I do this?
It's really not anything to miss
Nobody could ever understand
What it's like to be in demand
Doing terrible things
Wondering if maybe one day God will give me some wings
Why do I do this?
It's really not anything to miss
It's like being kissed by the Devil
My head is far beyond level
Taking me into his darkest space
Keeping me forever in that place
Burning in the depths of hell
Everybody knew I'd never turn out well
All the disgrace
Rarely ever a kind caring face
Makes me wanna tie up the lace
Around my arm
Every bit of harm
I used to think it does me real great
Now it's time to meet my fate
Living in a cage
All this built up rage
Not going anywhere else
Hoping my skin will burn and melt
Showing me what it means to be good
And that all my intentions
Turned to woulds and coulds
All my promises did me so ratchet
I guess maybe it's time to bury the hatchet
Forgive myself and try to let go
But you played a huge part in this show
Do you even remember all you did?
Sure glad we never had a kid
Imagine all the pain and the guilt
And how their hearts would slowly wilt
Why do I do this?
It's really not anything to miss
Not anything to miss
Not anything to miss
Get out my life

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