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With all my songs im hoping to release them to be heard by anyone and everyone and to make a profit so that i can make more and cleaner songs. I have worked with other artists, songwriters and producers and they all tell me that my work is excellent (my lyrics) but as for the vocal performance i can use some help to make myself sound better so that i can sing the songs the way i envisioned them. I do have a sound cloud with some songs posted but they are old and very amateur, since then i have grown and learned a lot. I aspire to be an artist whose lyrics relate and touch those who are in a dark place and let them know they are not alone, i would want to be a role model for other young men and women who are struggling in life. I would want to motivate them to do better and be themselves, i would teach them some great core values that would be the foundation of their world, some guiding principals if you will, and preach the virtues and to be the type of person others turn to for help. With my music i would want to better society making everyone a smarter person by using some superfluous vocabulary that would cause them to google the words i use in songs and through the repetition of listening to my songs they would add the word to their own vocabulary making them more articulate. Of course not all my songs will have this happy go lucky attitude because i do write some of my deep and dark unfiltered thoughts into my lyrics that give them shock value, I write primarily in the rap genre with an emo rock style because thats where im most comfortable and could write forever about my woes and thoughts but i can be very flexible with my style and flow.

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