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The background for my lyrics mostly consists of my suicide attempts, self harming, feelings of despair and worthlessness, depression, anxiety and PTSD. I make sure to root my lyrics with real emotion and to make it as graphic or impactful as i can, i want the person who listens to these lyrics to be impacted and to think about what they heard after the song is over or to be put in different mood. I want my words to carry weight with them and tell a true story that either makes someone sad the someone went through this or happy that they have never felt anything like it before. All i want is for my lyrics to be put in a song that i love and approve of to immortalize my work and passion into the form of a song. The money and or fame are just added bonuses to me. My style is indeed dark but real, emotional and impactful. i do charge 15$ an hour but im more than happy to negotiate prices with anyone, maybe even down to 0$ if i love what you offer me. So dont be afraid to message me and i can give you some sneak peaks of what ive got and we can talk from there. my preferred styles to work with would be rock, rap or a bit of both. Hope we can make something awesome together. also forget the 10 dollars, the collab is free.

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