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Looking For A Producer

POSTED ON 19 MAY, 2021
By Horrez

VIEWS: 157
EXPIRES 19 AUG, 2021

Artist and songwriter, looking for

“Hello, I am a female singer/Songwriter in desperate need of a producer and or a production team to help get my music career off the ground while taking all who supported me to the top as well. I am a hell of a vocalist and writer. You won't regret any of your time. ”

More details

I started off singing in my back yard with the other kids singing folklore songs of which I soon discovered my passion and love for singing. I then sang in the adolescent choir in church and later at the early age of 14 years of age singing with my cousins band at a convention, while also singing duets with my cousin. I then sang in competitions and win all of them and later did projects for a gospel choir. I then sang at the Apollo in New York and later sang in more competitions and more Auditions. I recently wrote, sang and produced 3 songs which are on YouTube and in online stores. My style of music is jazz, pop, and Rhythm and Blues combined. My favorite artist who truly inspires and inspired me was James Brown, Phyllis Hyman and Kanye West. They put everything they got into their music and I learned to sing with passion from Phyllis Hyman, soul from James Brown and heart from Kanye West. I have all the talent, creativeness to go very far and to reach that pennacle of success all I need is a team and the outcome will be rewarding and great. My plan is to prove I'm great and to beat the odds at this time in my life because I know I will and can make my mark on the world. I'm ready! So Ready!!!

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