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My name is Ossie Smith from the Cayman Islands. I am a very talented and gifted lyricist. I started writing songs from 1985 and can write a complete original top standard / hit potential song in 5 mins. I rap and sings but not professionally. I have lots of Studio recording experience, performed and recorded dozens of songs, most aired on local Cayman Radio stations. I don't play any musical instrument so I always seek and land top quality musicians to collab with as a song writing team professionally to put out commercial hit songs. I will work with song lyricist also, to collab and assist by us sharing knowledge, experiences and skills to assist each other amicably. We all learn from each other unselfishly as we strengthen our skills during the process. Collaboration is the key and vital to making hit songs. I could hear the melody and arrangements in my head for every song lyrics I writes but I'm always open to musicians input and critique first in order to avoid boxing them in with my melodic instrumental ideas of my own initially. I think it is best to always keep things professional. I could hear a song's hit potential from it's embryonic stage ( instantly ) so if a song is not working...or seem it has very little potential, it is best to move on to the next project and not waste time with what isn't working. Keep songs simple and catchy. It is my experience laced opinion that a world full of production from Quincy Jones with all the bells and whistles won't make a hit if that basic simplistic, catchy potential isn't there from the initial stage. Some lyrics simply need a re-write or editing.

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To be very open and honest, as I seek musicians with catchy hit song instrumental abilities in any genre, I diligently surf this entire platform in search of top quality to collab with. It could be for just one song. I have a hundred creat songs ready. Lyrics is my department and amazing strength. I writes all genre, from reggae to R & B, Hip Hop to ballads, Country and Classics and I alsohave some great dimplistic Beatles style songs that will blow you away. If you are good with encouraging potential or great, I will know. Trust me! Some of my song lyrics have great cross over touch which is a good sign. I would write a Prince or Morris Day style song and could hear the lyrics go Country or Reggae. For this reason, I don't label the genre. I writes Kool & the Gang style dance funk as well. *The proof is in the pudding.* I could even turn that line into a song title and write a great song from it in a 5 to 10 mins draft. I also seek Management of the Record Industry seeking talent such as an A&R

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