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Experienced Lyricist seeks Collaboration

POSTED ON 7 NOV, 2021 by Ossie

Songwriter for others, looking for

Wrote this song lyrics that we strongly believe 100% would be ideal for Lionel Ritchie. The song title: TOOK YOU FOR GRANTED Took you for granted / Now I'm lost without your love to comfort me / You meant so much to me / My whole life's shattered / You're my everything / You are my destiny / You're still a part of me... My world keeps turning upside down... / Simply cause, you're not around... / Though I try to hold on strong... / I must confess / Girl I did you wrong / Took you for granted Took you for granted Now I need your love I need you desperately Feels like I'm fallin' So I ask you babe I'm on bended knees.... Memories of you I can't erase When I close my eyes I see your face.... There's no other love to take your place Cause without you girl My precious pearl My life's just an empty space.... Never believe...girl / You'd leave me broken hearted 💔 / Never believe... girl / You are all I ever wanted / But I must confess.... / Girl I did you wrong...Girl I did you wrong / Took you for granted.... BRIDGE: Loss without your love has left me empty... A feeling that I cannot live again... I cry each night Tears never healed the pain Girl I need to have you with me... I'm to blame Took you for granted / I realize / I apologies / Girl I must confess / Girl I did you wrong / Girl I did you wrong..... / Took you for granted SPOKEN: I'm sorry...and I love you... Oooooo oooooo Copyrights protected Oct-22-2021 written by Osbert Whitfield Smith and Ambrozine Lascene Smith MMMP All rights reserved

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To: Any singer, musician or producer /songwriter on this platform... please feel free to contact me if you would like to collab to sing and or play the music for this easy smooth catchy love ballad. I know the sound of the music 🎶 precisely in my head but I do not play any musical instrument 🎼 We are open to any musical input you get a feel for this song and we sort it out amicably.
Please view my profile for details ... Please click on the small heart ❤ bitton indicator if you like the lyrics. Thanx! Ossie

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