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Demo anyone

POSTED ON 28 SEP, 2020
By Ekude
EXPIRES 28 MAR, 2021

“Hello there!!!!! My name is shina I would like to put a project together with independent artists that are in any area of music such as song writing/producing/mixing and editing/lyricist/ that can assist me in putting together a demo professionally. I like to write lyrics and i also write hooks so please feel free to reach out, drop me an email. would like to work with you and put final product snippets on my facebook page. It is a demo so at least 3 songs is ok or 4 total. Lets make it happen!”

More details

Most of my writing occurs randomly sometimes i am writing things on a notebook pad, at other times i write my thoughts on a napkin, lol so it really depends on how my mood is feeling at the time. My ambitions are to pursue doing music, small projects in the community, working with independent artists who write lyrics/mix and edit/song write/ or plays instruments. Being that this is a demo i would like to introduce myself as an artists and put together something fun that people can listen to on their way to work/on the subway/or at the gym wherever they are/ something with some cool beats/catchy words and rhymes and a decent hook, which will more thab likely be the area in which i would concentrate on...the hook. I welcome any genre pop, r&b, rap, or afro beat types rhythemns. All sound is welcome!!!!

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