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A Womans Dream Come Time

POSTED ON 29 AUG, 2020
EXPIRES 28 FEB, 2021

“A Proposal for an uncommon journey for an uncommon female singer/songwriter”

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Songs to inspire alcoholics out of the shade…

Songs about animal consciousness and animal rights…

These are the works of my soul’s journey home.
And I’m looking for a collaborator who knows that the consciousness of humanity can be elevated through song. And I’m also looking for love. I am a man who has always dreamed of writing love songs with the person with whom I share love, rather than about another person with whom I don’t have a musical connection.

So, while I am open to writing and creating with men, I’d like to meet a woman of my reality’s dreams. I live a very beautiful life. I eat very pure, raw vegan most of the time, in order to touch the spaces of pure joy and to experience the natural planet, the space of consciousness in which the plants and animals exist. From this space, I write.

And the songs are having an impact on me. I believe in their power now, much more than I ever imagined. And I believe that the animal consciousness, and the power of the pure, given planetary reality, are lending their power to my mind and vocal cords. And it’s an amazing journey right now.

Pride speak of having great songs. But, inspired human beings simply say: “I owe a great debt to the planet for having given me these songs, which I have now. And I honor the Earth and the Light of the sun for the beauty that they both grant us every day. And if there is a woman out there who hears in these words a song that she too would like to sing, may she reach out to me with confidence that whoever she is will be loved by this man just as the land loves us, pure and natural.”

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