Verse-Chorus is a messaging and skills sharing website, made for everyone in the world of music: songwriters, musicians, singers, publishers, labels and anyone else in a music-related role or hobby. You can post adverts and reply to existing ones. It's simple, easy to use and quick!

It's a great place to say:

"This is me. This is my work. I need your help!"

For example:

  • I'm John, a songwriter, I need help with my social media, my album cover and getting reviews.
  • I'm Lindsey, I run a small record label, I need help with my website, finding new bands, and tips on how to get connected.

Or you could say:

"This is me. I want to collaborate. This is who I'm looking for"

For example:

  • I'm Alex, a guitarist, I'd like to collaborate with other musicians: bassists, drummers, singers. Send me a message.
  • I'm Khuram, I'm a composer/producer, I'd like to collaborate with top liners. Please get in touch.


It's free to post a basic advert and free to reply. For premium adverts, we charge $5 to be placed at or near the top of the list.