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Purpose: Collaborators

:) CW Lyrics (: Rap Song Lyric for Collaboration (#2)

POSTED ON 19 SEP, 2021 by CW
EXPIRES 19 DEC, 2021

Songwriter for others, looking for

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{A Rap Ballad}

--Verse 1--
Hear that!
Music from the deep
Our Specter Band
Plays for all eternity

Feel that!
Haunting music and fear
Arising from the ocean floor
Yea, that’s us down here!

Pride kills!
Just beware
Listen to our story
Then offer up a prayer

Look around
What do you see?
Twenty-two hundred and twenty-four jovial souls
Sailing on the sea

Look again
What do you see?
Fifteen hundred and fourteen doomed souls
Sailing into tragedy

Want to believe
It was just bad luck
But they gambled with the ship
Before the berg was struck

How can this be?
Panic abounds all around
She’s the Unsinkable Titanic
But Titanic is going down

Our band played
Music for the dead
Right up till
That moment of dread

The music ceased
When the ship went deep
But our Specter Band
Plays for all eternity

--Verse 2--
Claim the prize
Fastest on the sea
Forget about
What may be

Can’t slow Her down
Gotta claim the crown
Yea, it was pride
That sent Her down

Too much pride
Too much speed
Send Her to the bottom
Of the ocean deep

Wanted to get
To New York fast
Wanted to make
A headline splash

Safety and welfare
Of the souls aboard
Took a backseat
To making the big score

Now the crown of redemption
Is far out of reach
And Unsinkable Titanic
Has become a figure of speech


--Verse 3--
Sea like glass
Titanic beware
But She ignores the message
Bergs everywhere!

Too many warnings
Just leave it alone
Got to catch up on
People calling home

11:40 at night
The berg was struck
With five compartments damaged
It’s just too much

Captain’s face
Sours with a frown
He knows
She’s going down

Two hours
Maybe three at most
Is all She has
To stay afloat

Closest rescue ship
Four hours away
Nothing can be done
Except to pray


--Verse 4--
Water pouring in
From the bow to the stern
Flooding each bulkhead
One by one in turn

Women and children
To the lifeboats first
But they left half full
An inhuman curse

Can no longer float
Titanic broke in two
All the lifeboats gone
With all too few

Four hours later
Carpathia arrives
But the unforgiving ocean
Already claimed its prize

Fifteen hundred and fourteen souls
Knocking at heaven’s door
Half empty lifeboats above
There She lies on the ocean floor

Four days sail
Begins a lifetime of regret
Survivors reach New York
Reliving the nightmare, they’ll never forget


--Verse 5--
Red streaks
On the berg
Was all that’s left
So, we heard

Farewell Unsinkable Titanic
The world’s mightiest ship
It took less than three hours
To launch an eternal guilt trip

Now we lie with Her
On the ocean floor
Fifteen hundred and fourteen souls
Knocking at heaven’s door

Remember, Pride kills
Always beware
So, that’s our story
Please, offer up a prayer


Yea, our Specter Band
Plays for all eternity

© C.Wisdom 2021

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