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Sample Pop song lyric (#1)

The Devil & Checkmate

She wears wings, like I do
One of the proud, one of the few
We were trained not to fear
And how to sense when danger is near
Then we took to the sky
For a life of do or die

Yeah, She’s a fighter pilot
Nothing do we fear
Flying soaring jets
Sensing when danger is near

Don’t put us to the test, in our hands lies your fate
So, you better stay clear of . . . The Devil and Checkmate!

She wears wings, like I do
Watch us soar into the blue
Where you don’t stand a chance
If you can’t dance the dance
My soulmate in the sky
Together we do or die

Yeah, She’s a fighter pilot
Nothing do we fear
Flying soaring jets
Knowing that danger is always near

Spin your tales back on the ground, in the sky there’s no debate
You’re up against the very best, Copy that . . . The Devil and Checkmate!

We’ll have a drink and perhaps a second round
When at last our wings touchdown
With our heads still in the clouds, but our feet back on the ground
We’re singing songs and dancing . . . Taking-out the town!
For tomorrow into heaven, once again we will soar
Pushing Mach one, racking-up another score

Yeah, She’s a fighter pilot
Together we live or die
Taking no prisoners
We dominate the sky

Yeah, she’s a fighter pilot and it will be your last mistake
If you ever dare take-on . . .The Devil and Checkmate!

© 2020 C.Wisdom

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