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Sample Country song lyric (#1)

Interview with an Outlaw
{A Country Music Duet}

{Interview Lady}
I will never forget that fateful interview back in June of ‘92
And the haunting words that were said on a stormy afternoon
Scribing page after page, I jotted the phrases as he recalled his life

Good times and bad
Having no plan
Living life without rules
Never playing the fool

I could have listened till dawn, as he talked on and on
Painting his colorful life on the lam
But as fate would have it, wouldn’t you know, he had elsewhere to go

He said . . .

{Interview Lady sings Chorus below}
Don’t shed a tear for this outlaw my dear
It is the life I chose
Always knew good times don’t last
For an outlaw living life on the lam
You may be surprised, not seeing life through my eyes
But I’d do it all over again
Yes, I’d do it all over again

{Outlaw Man}
Life is too short
Even shorter for some
Those who take without asking
And those who brandish the gun

A wise man once told
Of reaping what you sow
But it was easy for me
To just take what I please

I’m not saying it’s right
This twisted outlaw insight
But I live by the outlaw code
No rules, no respect, and no regrets!

And that’s what I think about life

{Outlaw Man sings Chorus}

Love ebbs and flows
As the ocean tides go
It has its highs
And it has its lows

Been lucky . . . with the ladies I had
Still . . . sometimes it makes me sad
When you’re living a life of crime
Seems love hardly ever gets enough time

I have never taken a wife
No mystery, given my life
For I have always known
That I would die alone

And that’s what I think about love

{Both Outlaw Man and Interview Lady sing Chorus together}

{Outlaw Man}
Do unto others . . .
I’ve always been told
But for an outlaw, the saying goes . . .
Before they do unto you

Believe what you want
And I’ll do the same
Only in this life, perhaps
I’ll go down in flames

The preacher was wrong
Life doesn’t go on
Don’t believe what he put in your head
Truth is, when you’re dead, you’re dead

And that’s what I think about faith

{Outlaw Man sings Chorus}

It’s been a real pleasure
Chatting with you for awhile
But it’s time now for me
To go walk my last mile

{Interview Lady}
And his last words were . . .

{Interview Lady sings Chorus}

{Outlaw Man}
Always knew good times don’t last
For an outlaw living life on the lam
But I’d do it all over again
Yes, I’d do it all over again

© C.Wisdom 2021

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