What are the Terms and Conditions?

Please view our Terms and Conditions here.


Verse-Chorus offers a very, very simple pricing plan:

  • Basic advert: Free
  • Premium advert: $10

What do you get?

Basic Advert: You get to list your core details: name/alias, age, country of origin, musical tastes, "looking for", advert title and advert description. For a basic advert, you get to view the first 3 replies that come into your mailbox.

Premium advert: Not only do you get all the features of a basic advert, but your advert will benefit from a premium position sitting ahead of all the free adverts. All premium adverts appear with a light yellow background. And with a premium advert, you get to view all the replies that come into your mailbox.

What can I say in an advert?

Anything you like! Tell other users about yourself and your needs as a musician or lyricist. The only thing we ask is that you don't display your email address or any offensive material in your advert. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Why do some adverts have a different coloured background?

Premium adverts are shown with a light yellow background. Replies sent to premium adverts are guaranteed to reach the advertiser's mailbox.

How long does my advert stay online for?

Your advert will stay online for as long as you want it to, up to a maximum of 6 months. You have the option to delete the advert at any time.

If you post a Basic Advert, you also have the option to upgrade your advert to a Premium Advert at any time.

How does the listing system work?

Visitors to the website can enter a search term into the search box, or filter the listings according to country, age, musical styles or advert type. Verse-chorus displays search results in reverse chronological order.

Premium adverts are prioritised in the listings and are always shown above the Basic adverts.

How do I reply to an advert, and what's the cost?

Anyone can reply to an advert, and it's free.

Simply click the "Reply" button next to the advert. You will need to be logged in to send a reply. Then fill out your response!

Message Upgrade: You can also choose to upgrade your reply ($3) to guarantee the recipient receives your message. Even if they have opted for a Basic Advert, your message will get sent to their mailbox irrespective of how many messages they've already received.